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When Snowqueen’s first daughter was born she sent an overjoyed birth announcement to all her friends: “The most desired child of all times is there!”. Not even eight weeks later, completely overtired and frustrated her best friend received a text message from her: “The most desired child of all times is driving me insane!”

She had imagined her life with the baby in the most vivid colors – breastfeeding, cuddles, sleep, a little one like this won’t need much more, she thought. Ha! Far from it. Who would have thought that handling one’s own baby could be that difficult? She reached out for help and advice in her favorite forum, where Danielle was very active and who also had collected experiences with a very challenging baby.

The exchange become more and more intensive and soon we became good friends. Because of our postings in the forum we were often asked to write a parenting guide. Snowqueen suggested to start with a blog and she instantly knew the name of the blog. We started 7 years ago and published more than 250 articles. And meanwhile we are really authors of best-sellers. Our first book about the "terrible two" was sold more than 250.000 times. It´s also available in French, Russian, Turkish, Chinese (simple and complex), Czech,  and in Estonia and Slovakia. Further translations are planned for Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and Japan.

Daniellle Graf bzw. Katja Dittmar und Katja Seide

The authors

Snowqueen lives in the most beautiful part of Berlin with her two daughters (7) and her son (2). She works as a special education teacher with children with behavioral problems, autism, learning disabilities, etc. She also teaches young teachers as seminar leader, analyzes situations in their classes and helps them preventing class disruptions. In her spare time she likes being in her favorite café where she eats too much cake and drinks too much coffee and reads one book after another. During her little son’s naps she writes her blog texts. Her strengths are the “translation” of scientific sounding terms so that also non-professionals understand them and the analysis of difficult situations between parents and children as well as the showing of alternatives as a result.
Danielle lives in a rather rural area in a northern suburb of Berlin, together with her husband, daughter (8), son (5) and a cheeky and lazy cat. She works as a lawyer in the development of organization.

In her spare time she devours any book on children that comes into her hands – meanwhile her library includes about two hundred books on this topic. Blogging has become her passion, that she dedicates every – unfortunately currently very rare - free minute to. Her strengths are extensive research and the collection as well as linking of facts.

Our dear friend Laetizia, who, as a doctor, gives us advice on all medical concerns and who is also a source of inspiration for many other topics, regularly supports us. Many thanks!


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Danielle Graf bzw Katja Dittmar und Katja Seide